" We at ImpulseNorth believe in free, transparent and honest information. It is our mission to integrate our community into the development of our products to create something truly special and disruptive. "


My name is Dan Collins and the concept of ImpulseNorth first came to me in 2015, during my second year of university. As a student, I frequently discovered that people were frustrated with the repetition of nights out and nobody actually knowing what else was available out there. Personally, I often found myself in a bar wondering where to go next; pondering what venues might have the best drink deals tonight, have events on, or play the sort of music me and my friends wanted to listen to. Unlike TV, restaurants or my student timetable, there was no simple or organised way to view and compare all options.

In this moment the concept ImpulseNorth was born, I wanted to develop a readily accessible website that would tell you where to go next, with minimal hassle, in a fun and interactive way. Following one particular night, I decided I wanted to bring my vision to a reality. I approached a couple of capable and open-minded friends, and shortly after, the creation of ImpulseNorth was underway. Originally, the team consisted of myself - a proactive and ambitious business student, Will, a savvy marketing student, and tech wizard Kev, a computer game development student. We believed that whilst at university, we were in the ideal place to develop ImpulseNorth, being in a unique position amongst the target audience.

Today, the team consists of myself, Will, and now Aaron, who shares the passion and vision of creating communities and making a collective impact. The three of us have been working extensively with our followers over the past few months developing the best experience possible for what matters to us, our community. We greatly value the views of you, our followers - who guide, shape and influence the future development of our platform.

Throughout our journey we have had so much support and encouragement from our peers, other students, and our loyal followers - so a big thank you to all! We’re so excited about continuing to develop, expand and grow Impulse, as both a business and community.

We hope you love using our product as much as we do

The Impulse Team

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